Sessional GPs

For many years, sessional GPs have been encouraged to establish a relationship with the LMC and also look to them to represent their views.

In 2017 the LMC re-established its Sessional GPs Subcommittee to advise the LMC on how best to represent the views of these doctors and cater for their needs. This was originally set up in 2004.

This page provides advice for all sessional GPs, whether you are salaried or locum.

LMC Representation

Salaried GPs employed by practices can expect to be represented by the LMC because their practice pays contributions which cover all the GPs in the practice.
Locum GPs, who want to be represented by Nottinghamshire LMC, can pay a levy of £40 to become part of the LMC ‘family’. Contributions should be made payable by cheque to Nottinghamshire LMC and sent to: 5 Phoenix Place, Nottingham, NG8 6BA.

Advice and Liaison

The LMC is a source of confidential advice to individual GPs, in the case of salaried and sessional GPs this could include:

  • complaints made about you by practices you have worked for
  • concerns you may wish to raise confidentially about practices you have worked in
  • advice on contracts, fees and general advice about working in general practice
  • access to the LMC’s Pastoral Network service

The GPC’s Sessional GPs Subcommittee

The Sessional GPs Subcommittee is part of the BMA’s General Practitioners Committee (GPC). They provide national representation for all salaried and locum GPs.

  • Consider all matters of interest for salaried and locum/freelance GPs
  • Lead on all GPC issues that primarily affect sessional GPs
  • Respond to relevant consultations affecting sessional GPs.
    The East Midlands representative is Dr Kieran Sharrock, a salaried GP and Medical Director at Lincolnshire LMC.


Under the BMA model contract of employment, employers are expected to pay the LMC levy, which guarantees representation by the LMC.