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Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Greenfields Medical Practice

Closing Date 02-12-2020
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Organisation Greenfields Medical Practice
Location Nottingham

Job Description: Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Job Title: Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Main location: Greenfields Medical Centre, 12 Terrace Street, Hyson Green, Nottingham
Reports to: Lead GP
Accountable to: GP Partnership
Date: August 2020


  • Working as an autonomous practitioner independently and in conjunction with other healthcare professionals assess, diagnose, treat and refer to other professionals (both within the practice and the wider health and social care community), patients requiring same day clinical assessment and care using both telephone and face to face consultations
  • Provide evidence based professional advice to patients, carers and colleagues and ensure the maintenance of clinical excellence.
  • To develop new and innovative concepts, models, methods and practices to deliver new and improved primary care services to meet the needs of the practice population.
  • To develop own knowledge, skills and competence to meet the needs of the patient population and service delivery model
  • To undertake research, education and training, as part of the role.


Clinical Practice

  • The Advanced Nurse Practitioner works autonomously and is accountable for his/her own professional actions.
  • Undertakes Clinical Nursing Practice at an advanced level using expert knowledge and clinical skill to deliver holistic care to people accessing primary health care services, whilst remaining within their recognized scope of practice and competence.
  • Triage and manage own workload to ensure that patients receive timely assessment and care
  • Assesses diagnoses and treats patients in surgery, by telephone or home setting who require acute medical attention and refer to appropriate agency.
  • Directly admits patients to secondary care as required, after discussion with GP colleagues.
  • Refers patients to other medical specialties for assessment if deemed appropriate.
  • Refers patients as appropriate to other members of the multidisciplinary team, secondary care and to other statutory and voluntary organisations including referral for x-ray.
  • Undertakes and interprets a range of diagnostic tests and routine clinical procedures
  • Makes clinical judgments of the highest order to satisfy the expectations and demands of the job e.g. first contact with patients presenting acutely and manages care in the presence and absence of protocols.
  • Makes decisions where precedents do not exist, where appropriate without recourse to others e.g. direct referral of patients to Hospital Consultants without prior reference to other medical colleagues.
  • Advises and supports others where standard protocols do not apply.
  • Provides evidence based care in line with national, local and practice guidelines.
  • Works within professional guidelines and codes of conduct.
  • Works within all relevant practice policies and procedural guidelines e.g. Infection Control, risk management, chaperone.
  • Practice and an Independent prescriber in accordance with own professional code of conduct, legal obligations and local guidelines

Care and Programme Management

  • Develops and manages highly specialised programs of care and care packages and provides highly specialised advice concerning care, normally beyond the scope of normal nursing practice, e.g. establishes differential diagnoses, management / treatment plans and makes referrals as appropriate.
  • Makes fast track referrals.
  • Communicates highly sensitive condition related information to patients, relatives and carers.
  • Initiates the process of diagnosis with patients suspected to have a chronic disease e.g. Diabetes,
  • COPD, Asthma, IHD referring to other clinical staff / GPs as appropriate.
  • Contribute to practice targets e.g. QOF, Medicine management, National benchmarking.
  • Audits outcomes of care against standards and initiates changes as necessary.
  • Refers to other members of the extended primary healthcare team as appropriate e.g., podiatrist, dietician and specialist nurse.

Strategic Development of Primary Care Services

  • Contributes to the strategic development of primary care and public health services to meet patient and population needs within the practice and across the wider organisation. Works/liaises across multi-professional and agency boundaries.
  • Works at the forefront of practice innovation. Determines how to deal with ambiguous or unique problems to develop and advance primary care services for the benefit of patients, carers and communities.

Health Improvement

  • Initiates and carries out programs of health screening and ensures other team members are aware of health agenda and screening programs.
  • Introduces innovation in practice to meet on going health need demands of the practice.
  • Works to introduce new developments that will improve health outcomes for patients.
  • Shares innovation with others.
  • Supports practitioners in proofing the practice population in order to initiate contribute and promote improved health and prevent disease in individuals and groups.
  • Represents individuals and families interests when they are not able to do so themselves.
  • Makes referrals to statutory and voluntary agencies as appropriate.

Influence and Develop Policy

  • In conjunction with the Lead ANP be responsible for establishing how policies should be interpreted and translated with the practice.
  • Implements practice policies, purpose developments and improvements to service delivery.


  • Provides and receives highly complex, sensitive or contentious information and frequently deals with situations which are hostile or emotive.
  • Uses developed communication, negotiation, conflict management skills which require empathy, reassurance and persuasive skills where there can be significant barriers to acceptance, which need to be overcome.
  • Regularly communicates service related information to Partners, Business Manager, Nursing and Administration staff, patients, relatives and carers.
  • Makes operational judgments, manages conflicting views and reconciles inter and intra professional difference opinion.
  • Builds and communicates therapeutic working relationships with wide array of statutory and voluntary organisations for the benefit of patient care and facilitates good working relationships.
  • Develops and delivers presentations to large groups e.g. clinical meetings, empowers staff to develop presentation skill in order to promote good practice.

Manage/Lead Self and Others

  • Encourage and motivate others to be forward thinking in ideas that address the health needs of the practice that will be innovative whilst managing and developing new ways of working
  • Develops and leads on evidence based practice in conjunction with the Lead ANP.
  • Promotes effective communication and relationships within the team.
  • Partakes in clinical supervision for own development.
  • Actively participates in clinical and practice meetings.
  • Develops own knowledge and practice to meet objectives/change in service.
  • Integrates theory into practice and establishes formal links with educational institutions.
  • Assists in the mentorship and assessment of trainee Nurse Practitioners.
  • Acts as mentor for newly appointed staff within the practice.
  • Operates high standards of probity.
  • Ensures that all practice policies are fully implemented.

Manage and Use Information

  • Make effective use of the clinical system by ensuring the consistent and accurate entering of data and the use of Read Codes.
  • Facilitates the use of up to data information technology in order to collate accurate and timely information as and when required by the practice.
  • Ensures a satisfactory call and recall system of patients.
  • Assist in the development of practice protocols for the surgery and clinical protocols for the clinical team.
  • Identifies monitors and reviews deficiencies in procedures and implements remedial action.

Research and Development

  • Continuous involvement in research/evaluation and/or development work, which may be as part of one or more formal research programs or activities.
  • Actively contributes to Practice/Service/Team audit/Research activity as required.
  • Instigates audit activity as required e.g. new services.
  • Identifies, applies and disseminates research findings relating to clinical practice.

Working Conditions

  • Potential exposure to bodily fluids, blood, wounds, fleas and lice.
  • Lone working whilst providing care in patients own homes.
  • Occasional exposure to aggressive behaviour.
  • Frequent use of VDU Equipment.
  • Takes all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of self, patients and colleagues.

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