Added Value Services

Nottinghamshire LMC Ltd established PSS, a subsidiary company, in 2007 to offer value added services to its constituents, for which we charge a nominal fee (at rates which compare very favourably with those of outside consultants or trainers). Income from such work helps to subsidise the ‘core services’ all practices receive from us.1

The added value services we offer on request comprise:

  • Our copyrighted “Practice Diagnostic”
  • Media liaison advice and media interview training
  • Miscellaneous services

Practice Diagnostic

The ‘Practice Diagnostic’ is a structured and confidential assessment of whether a practice, as an organisation and as a business, is “fit for purpose”. It is based on a collection and analysis of information from the practice, and additional information gathered through structured questionnaires and interviews with the senior partner(s) and practice manager, and compilation of a report for the “risk bearers”, i.e. the practice partners, which:

  • clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities and threats to the practice;
  • recommends action to be taken to address weaknesses and maximise potential opportunities;
  • indicates where help might be obtained in order to address any needs identified

A full diagnostic costs £1000-£2000 depending on requirements and the size of the practice.

Media liaison advice and media interview training

Nottinghamshire LMC Limited’s Head of Communication provides free ad-hoc advice on press related matters, but is practised in providing bespoke media training. If this is something you think the partners and staff in your practice would benefit from, please feel free to contact us, and we can tailor the training to suit your needs.

Miscellaneous Services

Although it is something we are often asked about, Nottinghamshire LMC Ltd cannot provide HR or employment law advice. However, there are accredited local experts to whom we can signpost constituents on request. We can also arrange introductions to firms providing legal advice on disputes with Area Teams, establishing corporate structures, and practice partnership agreement drafting services, and local organisations registered to organise and verify DBS checks.

Remember, if you need professional advice services (outside those we already provide as ‘core services’, or those which are available at discounted rates from approved suppliers recommended by the LMC Buying Group), feel free to call the Nottinghamshire LMC Ltd office on 0115 977 1341 during normal office hours to see what PSS may be able to provide.

PSS (Notts) Ltd