Salaried GPs

Salaried GPs fall into a number of different categories, namely those directly employed by GMS, PMS or APMS practices.

Model terms and conditions and offer letters were agreed for Salaried GPs as part of the 2003 GMS contract negotiations. These are not mandatory but may be used by employers.

There is no payscale for Salaried GPs. The latest pay circular sets out the minimum and the maximum of the pay range. It is for the employer to determine on what salary level the individual should be placed, and whether and how pay should vary over time.

Under the BMA model Contract of Employment, employers are expected to pay the LMC levy which guarantees representation by the LMC.

Other Guidance

  • The GPC produced the Focus on…Salaried GPs guidance note in 2009. It explains the minimum terms and conditions for salaried GPs (the Model contract), which came into effect under the nGMS contract on 1 April 2004, explain the process of changing hours of work in light of the extended access DES, provide guidance to PMS and APMS salaried GPs and provide guidance on negotiating salary and appropriate uplifts.
  • Model salaried GP contract for a GP employed by a GMS practice