Technology practice

Haughton Thornley Medical Centres in Hyde has done much to make the most of technology to help support the high quality patient care they seek to provide.
As champions of patient online access to records and understanding, over a third of patients have now signed up for online access, including a number of older patients in their 80s and 90s.
Many patients have found such access and understanding empowering, and used the opportunity to become greater experts in their own health, particularly those with long term conditions or mental health problems.
In addition to this, the practice offers a number of other services to patients online, including online ordering of repeat prescriptions, online booking for nurse appointments, enabling patients to update their details online and send secure messages (not email).
They hope to introduce secure, structured online questionnaires soon, which will allow patients to add to the medical record too, saving valuable time for the clinician and patient, and increasing the capacity for the practice to deal with more issues in a timely fashion.