Nottinghamshire LMC Social Media Masterclass

Nottinghamshire LMC Social Media Masterclass

Have you always wanted to get stuck into the online world but are unsure on how
to get started? Well, now you can explore and get started with online media with the help of Nottinghamshire LMC’s Social Media Masterclass which is designed to give you the essential social media tips and tricks to get you or your practice started.

We had great feedback from practices who were eager to have an online presence for their practice but were unsure on the best way forward. We listened and have tailored the Social Media Masterclasses so they are beneficial to practices and their needs. There have been a number of practices who have taken part in learning more about social media and we have received positive responses from those that have taken part.

Before taking part in the Social Media Masterclass, we ask if you can let us know your online goal as this helps with tailoring the content to suit you and your goal. For example, are you looking to engage with the local community through online media?

The session can be held on a one-to-one basis or in a group, we have previously visited
PM cluster meetings where we delivered a presentation on social media top tips.

Interested in taking part in a social media masterclass? Contact: for more info on how to get involved!

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