Nottinghamshire LMC Committee Member wins 'outstanding' award

Nottinghamshire LMC Committee Member wins 'outstanding' award

Congratulations to Nottinghamshire Local Medical Committee member, Dr Carter Singh, on being awarded the Outstanding Clinical Leader award at the annual public meeting of the Mid Notts CCG’s.

He expressed his delight about receiving the award, “I was both surprised and honored to be awarded the Outstanding Clinical Leader award at the annual public meeting of the Mid Notts CCG‘s.

“I was equally humbled to be nominated for the ‘going the extra mile’ award by my patients and colleagues.

“I believe General Practice is one of the most satisfying and rewarding professions and NHS General Practice has been the bedrock of the health service since it’s inception. In recent times however, the service has been under-resourced and overstretched and as a result, the job of a general practitioner has become increasingly challenging.

“I work as a GP partner in a practice which is situated in one of the most deprived areas in the country (as rated by the PHE deprivation indices) and so it is both rewarding and challenging in equal measure. The breadth and severity of morbidity I deal with on a daily basis is unparalleled when compared to the many practices I have worked at previously. I am proud to be able to say that I feel like I make a genuine and meaningful change on a daily basis to the lives of my patients and in doing so, try to challenge the inverse care law that exists for many patients who live in my practice catchment.

“I am certain that my general practitioner colleagues are not indifferent to myself in that we all go the extra mile for our patients and go well beyond the call of duty – sometimes at the expense of our own work-life balance. It can however, at times seem like our level of dedication and commitment can go unappreciated and it can feel somewhat thankless at times. In some cases I have known it to lead to examples of burnout and job dissatisfaction. This in part, has contributed to the workforce problems that general practice currently faces.

“I have now been a GP Governing Body Board Member for Mansfield and Ashfield CCG for over 5 years and have learnt an incredible amount about leadership and management. It can be a real challenge to make a positive impact on population health via commissioning when the demands are ever exponentially increasing and the system is constrained financially due to the tax-based, resource-limited rationed system in which we operate. Making tough decisions about emotive healthcare issues can be both ethically and morally difficult at times. I enjoy constantly learning about novel ways of working which can facilitate transformation and innovation to deliver the maximum health benefits for our population and value for money.

“I am passionate about education and training and believe that our current and future GPs deserve the best possible opportunities to maximize their potential. I have served on the board of the local RCGP faculty now for over 3 years and have enjoyed shaping education and training locally to help enhance the quality of our workforce. I regularly represent our faculty nationally at the annual conference where I usually present my research.

“It has never been more important to have strong medico-political representation than in the recent years due to austerity and rising pressure in General Practice. This is why I have enjoyed serving alongside experienced GP and officer colleagues on the Nottinghamshire LMC for the past 3 years. I am proud to say that we have made clear demonstrable changes which have benefited the local health system architecture and also individual GPs and practices. There are extremely experienced and knowledgeable GPs on the LMC who have forgotten the things I am yet to learn and I am privileged to serve and learn alongside them.

“Given this backdrop, it is therefore a great pleasure to be awarded such accolades as it confirms that the lengths that we go to for our patients do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. So I accept this award not only on my own behalf, but on behalf of all of the other GPs who I know who work tirelessly for the benefit of their patients under pressure and in difficult circumstances.”

Dr Carter Singh is a GP Partner at Willowbrook Medical Practice, in Sutton-in-Ashfield. He brings his expert knowledge of strategic commissioning, audit/clinical governance and breadth of frontline clinical knowledge to the LMC. The health service is overstretched and under-resourced and continually faces emerging risks and Dr Carter Singh’s understanding of the health system architecture allows him to contribute to the LMC to drive positive and meaningful change.

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