See How Others Practice

See How Others Practice

Collaborative partnerships are agreements and actions made by consenting organisations to share resources to accomplish a mutual goal. They rely on participation by at least two parties who agree to share resources, such as finances, knowledge, and people.
General Practice is constantly being encouraged to work collaboratively to try and overcome the problems of a dwindling workforce and increased workloads with each other.
It is becoming clearer to those practices that do share best practice that even the smallest ‘tweaks’ to some operational tasks can save time and, therefore, costs.
Nottinghamshire LMC’s S.H.O.P (See How Others Practice) initiative aims to encourage the sharing of ‘best practice’ – from the something as simple as a holiday spreadsheet to a whole new process for handling prescription queries – which we believe can help create a more efficient and streamlined working process.
For this to be a success, we need to hear from you, whether you want to learn about new processes or have some practices you would like to share.
If you are interested in getting involved with S.H.O.P. then get in touch with us at and write S.H.O.P Interest in the subject line.


  • Rebecca Tate:

    08 Jun 2017 11:10:58

    I feel this would be beneficial to network to either share or receive ideas from other bigger practices like ourselves

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