Information Management And Technology Guidance

  • Records and Information Group (RIG) Best Practice Guide (Uploaded on 01/03/19)

    Please find attached a doc which provides a framework of principles to support the sharing of information across Nottinghamshire health and care providers to support direct patient care.

  • Social media
  • GDPR

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the Data Protection Act on 25 May, 2018.
    How this regulation will work in practise is still relatively unknown, but there are things you can do NOW to prepare.

  • Cyber attacks

    We have collated the latest guidance and advice from a range of sources on cyber attacks. This includes how to avoid falling victim to ransomware, and what to do in these situations.


    When it is compiled, will be a giant database of medical records showing how individuals have been cared for across the GP and hospital sectors.

  • Patient and Public Involvement

    The patient participation directed enhanced service (DES) was agreed by the GPC and NHS Employers in April 2011 and has now been in place for three years.

  • eDSM (Enhanced Data Sharing Model)

    eDSM is the sharing of your clinical data between the various clinicians you may come into contact with (your GP, the local hospital, nurses etc). This data is only used for your direct patient care.

  • IT Changes in the 2014/15 GP contract

    A number of IT-related changes became part of the GP contract from April 2014. These changes have been made in the context of the Government’s commitment to provide all NHS patients with online access to their record and other services by 2015.