Vaccinations and Immunisations

View all the latest documents for the 2018/19 flu vaccine season.

In preparation for flu season 2018/19, the Screening and Immunisation Team have once again, developed a “Best Practice Guide”. This contains information to support practitioners to deliver a successful flu programme. The document has been split into 3 parts however the whole document can be accessed if requested through email at

The BMA’s Flu Vaccination Programme Delivery Guidance has been released (2018-19).
This contains key information to help plan for the 2018-19 flu vaccination season and to answer patient queries about the adjuvanted trivalent vaccine (aTIV).

GP contract-related changes to vaccinations and immunisation programmes

There have been changes to vaccination and immunisation programmes in line with the GP contract 2018-2019 England.
As from 1 april 2018 the item of service fee for a number of vaccinations was increased from £9.80 to £10.06.

Following advice from Public Health England (PHE) issued last year, NHS England wrote to general practices and community pharmacies on 5 February 2018 to ensure the use of adjuvanted trivalent flu vaccine(aTIV) for those aged 65 years and over in the coming flu season.