Seniority payments, which were paid to a contractor in respect of an individual GP provider, are now being phased out and will end on 31 March, 2020.
During this phasing-out period, those who received seniority on 31 March, 2014, will continue to receive the payments, while those who had not received it will generally not be eligible.
Each year the seniority payment scales in the Statement of Financial Entitlements will change to require an additional year’s reckonable service before qualifying for payment. The current qualifying arrangements will continue for those in receipt of payments.
All funding released from the seniority pot will be reinvested in core funding for general practice through an annual increase to the global sum with no out of hours deduction applied.
To phase out seniority, the total amount of funding will be cut by approximately 15 per cent each year using a retrospective mechanism. This 15% reduction includes the impact of attrition (retirement and closing entrants to the scheme) and an annual reduction to seniority payscales.