Hep B pathway

NHS England has issued an update to the Hepatitis B pathway.

All staff involved in vaccinating need to be made aware of the revised pathway and have a copy to refer to. If you have any issues with the pathway documents or you have any queries, please email Sarah Mayfield, Screening and Immunisation Manager, Public Health England via ENGLAND.SCRIMMS@nhs.net.

Changes are minimal for general practice however points to highlight are that a letter that will be sent out to parents by Child Health to remind parents of their child’s hep B vaccination schedule (letter H5) and the addition of the hexa primary vaccine to the children’s schedule means an additional hep b will be given to at risk children.

The neonatal hepatitis B vaccination programme is an important post expose prophylaxis treatment and timing of the vaccinations is imperative. Please ensure that all children born to hep b+ mothers are flagged and call as per the pathway.

Practices can claim for the neonatal hep b programme via CQRS.

The following documents have been issued by NHSE: