Changes to QOF (Uploaded on 01/03/19)

GPC England have agreed to retire 175 points (from 28 indicators) following extensive analysis of all indicators which identified them as ‘low-value’. 101 of those points will be recycled in more appropriate indicators (15 new indicators) with the remain 74 points creating a new Quality Improvement domain.

Thresholds have not been changed.

For 2019, the quality improvement domain will include two modules – end of life care, and prescribing safety.

GPC England have introduced a new personalised care adjustment to replace exception reporting, which will allow practices to adjust care without losing out financially, for five reasons – the QOF-proposed care being unsuitable for the patient, the patient choosing not to receive that care, the patient not responding to invitations, services not being available, and newly registered or newly diagnosed patients.

Linked to personalised care, practices should opportunistically identify patients preferred method of communication from the practice and should send the first invitation for care, via that method. Invitations should be personalised and provide the information the patient will need (templates will be provided), however we have agreed to reduce the requirement from three invitations to two.

See further detail on QOF here.