Training opportunities

Find out all the latest training opportunities for GPs across Nottinghamshire. They include clinical specialist and generalised training as well as specific skills development.

Some opportunities will have discounts for those who access them through the service, so get in touch for more information on each opportunity.

Career opportunities

View the most recent prospects around Nottinghamshire, including GP practice vacancies and opportunities for portfolio working within Nottinghamshire.

To find out more about each vacancy and how to apply, get in touch with GP Portfolio Plus

Nottinghamshire GP Practice Vacancies Nottinghamshire LMC’s Job Vacancies Page contains more general positions available in the area, including Salaried GP and Locum posts.

Career websites

Take a look at relevant careers websites to help you search for roles that may be of interest to you.

These resources will be made available to you soon.

Career database

These links will help you explore the opportunities that are available within general practice, from a range of portfolio options to how to specialise in your current role. Websites include medic footprints and NHS Health Education England.

Blogs and articles of interest

Blogs and media articles showcasing how and why GPs have made changes in their career which has led them to a happier and healthier career path.


Find out all about potentially useful events open to GPs, from conferences around the country to local university run events.

To find out more about each event, get in touch with the portfolio plus team.